Company overview

Czar Securities is a global leader in Web Application Security. We are building an ecosystem of products and services to make information security more accessible and easy-to-use. Excellent relationships with our clients have helped us grow many fold.

We take pride in being associated with top companies in their domains. Our success can be attributed to our hard working and customer centric team. With our top notch team and faith our customers in us we are on our way to revolutionize cyber security industry.

Czar Securities continues to grow every day. The passion our team shares to change security industry is because of the trust our clients have in us.

Our mission

Our offerings will allow you to:

  • Revolutionize cyber security industry
  • Connect and add value add to each and every stakeholder of security industry, be it a hacker or an enterprise
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
How can we help you?

Focus on business while we secure your entire web infrastructure.

Czar Securities is on a rapidly evolving trajectory, and they have used every engagement to improve & evolve their product offerings. They are able to respond quickly to their customer needs and quickly align their offerings to emerging needs.

Rajendra S Pawar
Chairman, NIIT

Just a few of the many organizations we have helped secure:

80% of online business have atleast 5 vulnerabilities. Speak to an expert today!