Incident Response

Hackers do not ask before hacking. Our quick response team makes sure to provide first aid & malware removal to your company in case of an unanticipated security breach.

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    Steps taken to Clean Website Hacks

    Website Scanning

    Priority Footprinting

    Identify what exists in the environment (i.e. Versions, Vulnerabilities).

    Malware Cleanup

    Instant Malware Removal

    Human & AI Identify known & unknown malware,and then remove infections and hacks.

    Community Security

    Blacklist Removal

    Work with search engines (i.e. Google, Bing) and service providers such as, Norton.

    Astra WAF Protection

    Prevention & Protection

    Harden the environment via the Astra Firewall to stop future attacks.

    Clean Malware Infected Website

    Website Malware & Blacklist Removal

    Websites without security measures tend to get infected with malware and get subsequently blacklisted by Google Safebrowsing, Norton Safe Web, CleanMX etc.

    Czar’s Incident response team disinfects your website and protects it from any future incidents. We directly work with blacklist agencies to resolve issues detected on your website and get it un-flagged.

    Our team understands the criticality of your online business and promptly completes the hack remediation such that there is no business disruption or negative SEO/marketing effects.

    Prevention & Protection

    Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to clean your website of any malware, blacklists, infections, phishing, defacements, backdoors, SEO spam and other possible infections.  Our flagship Astra Firewall completely protects your website 24×7 from the following attacks:

    • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
    • SQL Injection (SQLi)
    • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    • Malicious Bad Bots
    • Shellshock Vulnerability
    • Shell Backdoors
    • Directory/Path Traversal
    • HTML Breaking Attempts
    • VBSCript/JScript Injections
    • Code Injections
    • Remote File Includes (RFI)
    • Local File Includes (LFI)
    • URL Injections
    • Authentication Bypass Attempts
    • Remote Code Exectuion Tests
    • Integer Overflow Attacks
    • Malformed Host Header
    • SSI Command Injection

    Why Czar?

    Dedicated Account Manager

    A single point of contact for all your security needs. Czar’s expert will guide you through the journey of securing your infrastructure.

    Application Fixing Assistance

    Code snippets followed by technical brainstorming with your team to ensure maximum security.

    No False Positives

    Security reports are free of false positives such that your team spends time only on the critical issues

    Czar's Trust Seal

    Show your customers they are safe on your website. Build customer trust and enhance sales.


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