Secure Development Consultancy

Secure your application right at the design stage to ensure seamless & optimum protection. Our domain experts identify the right security architecture for your application and assist you in building it.

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    Build structurally strong applications

    Security in SDLC

    Security in SDLC

    Bake security right into your development cycle. Secure your website is structurally strong.

    Secure Architecture

    Secure Application Development

    Ensure that security flaws and eliminated right at the design phase

    Secure Architecture

    Architecture Analysis

    Help you build inherently secure architectures. Review, modify and patch existing systems.

    Astra Secure Coding Checklist

    Build Secure Apps right from Ideation stage!

    Factor in security right at the conceptualization stage to ensure maximum security. A team of analysts will guide you throughout the entire journey and track your development progress with continuous security audits. Key benefits that you will receive are:

    • Application Architecture Analysis
    • Continuous Security Testing
    • Interactive Workshops with Q&A Sessions
    • Secure Development Knowledgebase
    • Hackathons

    Secure your applications from a complete range of Security Issues

    In this world of ever increasing cyber threats, application & data security become critical components for every online business. Factor in security right at the design stage to ensure seamlessness & optimum protection. Our domain experts identify the right security architecture for your application and assist you to build it. Through our design process, your application will be safe from:

    • Information Leakage
    • Config and Deploy Management
    • Identity Management
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Session Management
    • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
    • SQL Injection (SQLi)
    • Clickjacking
    • Malicious File Uploads
    • Application Misuse
    • Request Forgery
    • Business Logic
    • Privilege Escalation
    • Data Validation
    • Error Handling
    • Cryptography
    • Client Side Testing

    Why Czar?

    Dedicated Account Manager

    A single point of contact for all your security needs. Czar’s expert will guide you through the journey of securing your infrastructure.

    Application Fixing Assistance

    Code snippets followed by technical brainstorming with your team to ensure maximum security.

    No False Positives

    Security reports are free of false positives such that your team spends time only on the critical issues

    Czar's Trust Seal

    Show your customers they are safe on your website. Build customer trust and enhance sales.

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